Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti – Cover not yet revealed

What if accidental first contact was neither accidental nor first?

No one told the crew of the Santa Maria that they were being sent on a suicide mission, sent to trigger a war between humans and the aliens who have been observing us. But here they are, with a wrecked ship, prisoners of an alien species, trying not to die.

But if your own government is against you, how can you ever go home?

Look for Tau Ceti in your favourite bookstore in Spring, 2023.

Writer’s Notes on the Principal Characters:

There are a lot of principal characters, as this epic covers the beginnings of an interstellar war. Among the main characters are:

Jeffery Carter, Commander of the Santa Maria. This former navy submarine captain came to acclaim when he ended World War III by firing a nuclear salvo point blank into a city. He still carries the scars of the battle and the death toll he created.

Michelle Patterson, former test pilot. She’s second in command of this mission and is a stickler for details. She is extremely competent but her personal skills need some work.

“Mac” McGillicuddy, military commander. He commands an elite military organization called the Black Harlequins. They don’t answer to the government but to a secret cabal often referred to as “The Scary Monster Group.”

A short excerpt (context: An alien species, called the Krangol, are trying to capture a Human ship to see if it is using an illegal technology).