Interview with a Time Traveler, Part 1


“True or false, you told a snatch thief to book passage on the Titanic?”

“Well, when you–“

“True or false?”


“True or false?”

“You keep repeating that question.”

“You keep not answering it.”

“I’m trying. Look, yes, I told him to keep the money, start his life anew in America.”

“You pointed him toward the Titanic.”

“Well, it was going that way.”

“You know what happens to the Titanic.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean he dies.”


“Ok, he probably died. But we don’t really know do we?”

“He was a street kid.”

“Exactly. The other street kids wouldn’t let him keep that much money. He was in grave danger the second he flashed it.”

“And sending him on the Titanic was the answer?”

“It was chance to start anew.”

“Or die.”

“Either way, his life was going to change dramatically. And we don’t know that he died. This may have been the catalyst that changed him into a good person. Fifty-fifty odds, I’d say.”

“Most of the people who died were those in steerage, where he’d’ve been put.”

“Now you don’t know that. He took enough money from me to book a cabin. I bet he had no impulse control; I bet he blew it all on the passage.”

“And that’s the hook that you’re hanging your moral equivalency on?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

-- transcript recorded yesterday