Deacon Carver

Deacon Carver’s story is told in a 5-book sequence and a prequel short story.

Approximately 70,000 years in the future, humanity has an interstellar civilization, but its roots are lost to history. It is a time of war, petty and grand. The age of exploration has ended, expansion has turned from an outward movement into the politics of militarism and conquest. It has become more profitable to take from others than to find your own.

Bickering and old feuds have taken political discourse down a deadly path. The Interplanetary Union, representing all seven realms and the non-aligned worlds, was designed to stop this very outcome. But it is on the verge of collapse, underfunded by the very entities it is supposed to represent and control.

The Union has one last gambit: using a mixture of loyal officers and those living outside of the law, the I.U. plans to launch a new initiative, a new vessel, mandated to disrupt the war efforts of the most power realms.


Dee, for the Win

This prequel introduces us to a 16-yer-old Deacon Carver. He lives in a poor underwater seaweed farming community. The only real fun the community has is an underwater race affectionately called slaughter ball. As dangerous as it is, the game offers one of the few ways out of the community.

Dee, for the Win is available now on Kindle. Members of Kindle Unlimited can read it for free. Other Kindle users can read it for 99ยข.

The story is also included in the paperback The Maiden Voyage of Novyy Mir and other short stories, available from most booksellers. Check this link here.

The Deacon Carver Sequence Books

The Fall of Jeralla
A non-aligned world is being pushed into civil war and famine by entities unknown. The Interplanetary Union sends the diplomatic vessel Chaucer to investigate. But to get the answers to their questions, they may need to cross some ethical lines. Good thing they have a smuggler in tow, Deacon Carver. But is he here to help them or to make a profit and run?

A short excerpt (context: Deacon is visiting Char, an old friend and former smuggler. She is serving as night watch commander on the bridge of the Chaucer in port).

Grand Theft Warship
The events of Fall of Jeralla lead Deacon and the Chaucer crew to the conclusion that to truly keep the peace, they need to stop the Tripartite Alliance from completing construction on a massive new warship.

Simply destroying it may not be good enough. But stealing it would mean enlisting the aid of people even Deacon doesn’t trust.

Primary Sources
With the collapse of the I.U., lawlessness is starting to spread. Good thing Deacon’s got a big shiny new warship to leverage. The King of Sard wants it. The Tripartite Alliance wants it back.

To add to the confusion, a seeder ship, Agamemnon, from old Earth has drifted into Daitrol space. The genetic stock of plants and animals on the vessel would allow whoever possesses it unimaginable wealth and power.

A short excerpt (context: Sakinah el Tayeb has been summoned by the new King of Sard to explain her absence from his coronation).

The lone survivor of Agamemnon wants nothing more than to return to Earth. Deacon and his crew want nothing more than to help him get there.

But the Tripartite Alliance has other plans.

And so does someone else.

One of Us
Villains and violence, violence and villains. Great tragedies befall. True villains are revealed.

With death and destruction all around, Deacon and his people try to find a stable peace that can preserve as much of humanity as is left.

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Writer’s Notes on the Principal Characters: