A Godless Man

Proposed Cover

On a parallel Earth where Gods are real, the most popular God has died, possibly even been murdered.

This seismic event, shifting the people’s understanding of their relationship to their Gods, has pushed First Speaker Jakob Kirkefeld into an unwanted media frenzy.

In the midst of this, his wife and daughter disappear, mid-flight over the ocean. This is a message from one God or another: Jakob is treading on dangerous ground. Can he both save his family and get justice for his God?

Look for A Godless Man in your favourite bookstore in Autumn, 2022.

Writer’s Notes on the Principal Characters:

Jakob Kirkefeld is a successful man. He’s been the First Speaker for Alsun for over a decade. He had a turn as Speaker of the Synod. He is thinking about his legacy and making sure his congregation is all in order when the devastating one-two punch of Alsun dying and Jakob’s wife and daughter being kidnapped knocks him far outside his comfort zone.

Carla Siccona is a homicide detective. She’s also near retirement. Her commander has one last assignment if she wants it – investigate a deiicide.

Tana Edward Mwangi is a mystery. He fell from the sky. He comes from a different place. His trousers have pockets. He needs a device to speak and understand Jakob.

A short excerpt (context: Kirkefeld has gone to the hospital to discuss the man who fell out of the sky. The doctor speaks first).